Today a twitter user  Leaked an image of what seems to be several games that will be announced for the nintendo switch at this years E3. As you can see from the picture the already comfirmed Mario Tennis: Aces will appear at E3 along with some already popular heavy hitters such as Fortnite, Dragon Ball Fighterz, Monster Hunter Generations ultimate, Fifa 19, and many others. The list fails to mention super smash bros, Metroid or any Pokemon game so be wary of that. The fact that games such as Dragon Ball Fighterz, and fifa 19 are coming to the switch should be very uplifting signs for nintendo fans as the switch continues to be supported by third party companies unlike the console juggernauts last system, the Wii u. It was also only a matter of time before the switch picked up fornite which is quite possibly the most popular game today. lets hope for some cross play.


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