State Of Decay 2: In Current Decay : Simple Review

State Of Decay 2: In Current Decay : Simple Review


      State of Decay 2, is one of Microsoft’s latest IP to release developed by Undead Labs, and Is one of 2018’s most UN optimized titles. It’s a bit disrespectful to see this game had an ultimate edition for $40-50 to play early  until you realize the game was unplayable due to bugs and glitches. Yes I was able to get through hours of infested zombie killing and enjoying the thrill of survival mixed with base building. There’s a lot of content in State of Decay 2, but you can’t appreciate what’s here because of how glitchy this game is. Pretty much Coop is something I don’t suggest playing until they release a patch making it more stable enough. I would also suggest allowed guests (invited players) earn the same amount of items as the host and are not limited to how much help they can contribute to base building. State of Decay 2 offers a great experience when it works. An experience such as looting for items to base build, secure weapons make deals and kill zombies, a lot of different mission objectives and a dynamic day and night cycle adding more intensity when surround by zombie, forcing you to be more stealth. State of Decay 2 also has a good amount of characters to choose from, these characters serve a purpose with their unique skill sets that may better your journey while surviving this apocalypse . There’s parts of the game, you may spawn under the floor, Items are missing and missions delayed by mediocre dialog. Overall if this game had no stability issues i feel users would appreciate this game more because it truly has fun game play and smooth mechanics. One of those releases that i feel should have been pushed back.


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  • Tons of Content
  • Looting And Exploration
  • Melee, Weapon Combat Feels Good
  • Dynamic Day And Night
  • Fun Base Building Structure
  • Team Work
  • Buggy
  • Terrible Dialog
  • Server Issues with Coop
  • The Price Tag

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