Anthem Release Date Plus Gameplay trailer. NO LOOT BOXES

Today At E3 Anthem was Shown Live with a lot of new information and with a release date of febuary 22, 2019.


In Anthem you will play as Freelancers. Freelancers, who are tasked with exploring uncharted worlds and protecting humanity from various threats  customizable exos called Javelins. There are 4 different type of javelins your Freelamcer can pilot. the ranger, the collosus, the storm, and the interceptor. So far all we know is the Ranger is the most generic of the javelins as it deals with kinetic weponry, and missles. The collosus is the big tank who also can do massive area of effect damage. Not much is known about the storm or interceptor though. However, by look the storm looks to be like a mage, and the interceptor seems to be fast paced and stealthy like an assassin. Before if you were to look at Anthem it would be comapred to Bungie’s Destiny. However, with more information out it seems to be more monster hunter like multiplayer than destiny as there is no shared home base. Also from the words said at the conference there will be choices to be made in the story so although we play in the same world our stories may not end up the same. Anthem also had a stressed “live environment” where we will all experience the same weather and storms no matter

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