Bethesda Conference: Fallout 76 Beta and release date? New elder scrolls? New ip

This Week Bethesda has been teasing heavily about Fallout 76, the new installation to one of the most popular video game series to date, and today we got more news about the game along with some other treats.


Rage 2

Bethesda starts off the day with some weird song to get us in the mood for rage 2 although the song didnt really seem…. rage inducing…. ANYWAY after the song they showed some alpha gameplay footage rage 2 and the game definitely lives up to its name with all of the violence and gore.

Next up a new Doom which i assume is a sequel. it is called doom eternal Not much information is known about it it but it looks SICK. literally and figuratively…

Afterwords Todd Howard came out to introduce the heavy hitters. Todd Howard is indeed the goat by the way. So Todd Howard talks about Fallout 76. The first thing he does is confirm that it IS INDEED AN ONLINE GAME. now that scares me. because when i think of fallout i think of talking to npc’s and making the goofiest of choices like blowing up megaton (which i didn’t do because im a good person) However if the game does not have that element it seems to have other elements that heavily make up for it.

This game is looking Incredible and i can only imagine the insane things that can happen in this game luckily it will arrive november 14th 2018. However after fallout is where the real surpises came


Starfield is a totally new ip made by bethesda… and then also…..

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