Smash Brothers Ultimate Finally revealed for Nintendo

Yesterday during E3 nintendo showed and touched on a plethora of games. They announced fortnite is finally Coming to the switch so you can play fortnite anywhere you wish. Dragonball fighterz will also be making an appearance on the hybrid console which means i have to buy this game for a THIRD time. A new mech game called Daemon x Machina will also be coming on the switch, Xenoblade 2 is getting a huge dlc update with a totally new story. Nintendo also Showed the first glimpses of a new fire emblem game titled fire emblem Three houses. you can find gameplay for these down below.


However, we know why youre really here. we know what you really came here for. “Whats the new super smash brothers like?” “Did my favorite character get in” “is bayo in? did she get nerfed” The new super smash brothers is gorgeous. Your fav character from the series probably got in, but you should still check, and yes bayo got in…. but…. well…

Super smash brothers ultimate looks to be an amazing all around improvement from its Wii u Predecessor from the information that i have seen from my inside sources (pro players playing the game) from the biggest roster ever boasted in smash brothers ever, to more stages, to more movement options this game looks to armor up the switch with yet another unstoppable exclusive. From a graphical standpoint the game looks like an updated smash For Wii U. Great shading and textures with Nintendo patent attention to detail. Certain things on the hud also make the game more viewer friendly such as you can see how much limit cloud has over his portrait in the bottom. Gameplay wise tho the game looks a bit more melee-ish with its speed and directional airdodging. However, due to knock back and lack of hitstun the combo potential is not there as compared to other games like melee and smash 4. also, if you look at the hud in the clip above they have even added a mini map when you get close to the blast zone so you can see how close someone really is to dying. For you hardcore players who want to play on stages like Midgar, but don’t want the summons coming to body you, you can turn off stage hazards now! there are a plethora of changes on the game that nintendo is using to make the game great, and rather than just tell you everything. just watch. the game comes out December 7th of this year.


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