NBA LIVE 19: The Good & The Bad

EA Sports NBA Live 19 Makes its way to release this Friday, September 7th along with Spiderman and for those who preordered a special edition of NBA 2k19 will also receive early, but the question is, has NBA Live 19 improved enough to be the primary Basketball Game of choice?


NBA Live 19 has a ton of improvements with a slight of issues that can later be fix.
Finally removing old skeleton models, the body figures in game seem to have more realistic balance and posture rather than looking hunched, which Devs made clear they have removed all old LIVE assets including old skeleton models and replaced with new.

NBA Live 19 features a bunch of awesome modes which co exist within each other, you are able to create your My player and level he/she up within all available modes. If there is an issue with NBA Live 19, i would have to say the online which has a ton of users who do not play as a team and since most challenges are vital and important based on team work its difficult to complete since everyone ball hogs.  Overall good game with some needed fixes but i would suggest this title to anyone.

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